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BKPKY: 250 Gallon Room Divider (aka Tank 3.0)

Discussion in 'Large box of water' started by bkpky, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. Rmcaum

    Rmcaum Director Staff Member

    After one dominant species turns its perfect parameters into something else, it will die out and a new scourge will become prevalent. They all burn out eventually if you aren’t adding fuel to their fire in the form of nutrients. Some people often claim shifts in species when lighting spectrums change. I think that is more common with fluorescents and halides though.

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  2. killercl0wnfish

    killercl0wnfish Club Member

    How do u like the tank u got from gc? Im thanking about getting one from them or getting a red sea tank. The area I want to put it the gc would fit better due to being deeper then red sea..
  3. bkpky

    bkpky Club Member

    This is the second tank I have had them custom build for me. I have no issues with them. The seams around the top are not a neat as other manufacturers but in my case both have been built in. Top glass rim you really don't see if you have a canopy either. If I were doing a free standing tank I might consider something else. For the price, these are awesome! At the end of the day, glass is glass.

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