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Clown eggs?

Discussion in 'The fish nursery' started by Lkcurr2, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. Lkcurr2

    Lkcurr2 Past President

    Need some experts to way in . I'm almost sure my clowns have began laying. What do you guys think? IMAG0106.jpg IMAG0107.jpg
  2. Denise210g

    Denise210g Registered Guest

    I would have to say, yes! Congrats! It is fun watching the male care for them.
  3. den75

    den75 Director Staff Member

    I would say yes also. Mine started as well and they look pretty much the same before they become snail food.

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  4. Jilnifer

    Jilnifer President Staff Member

    That is what mine looked like. Are you planning to harvest them?
  5. Lkcurr2

    Lkcurr2 Past President

    No not right now.. if they continue to lay I might try in the future.
  6. bpulmano

    bpulmano Club Member

    First you're eating coral. Now you're eating clownfish eggs. What's up with that
  7. Lkcurr2

    Lkcurr2 Past President

    Clowns layer again last night. Double the amount tis time. Going to try and figure out their schedule.
  8. Jilnifer

    Jilnifer President Staff Member

    You are NOT funny! :) but now I'm wondering if they taste like caviar? You try it first and let me know!
  9. billw

    billw Treasurer Staff Member

    My male Bangaii has a mouthful right now. He hadn't eaten them (yet!) so they mustn't be that good :).
    Jilnifer likes this.

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