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Dkh too high????

Discussion in 'Water Parameters' started by 313anthony, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. 313anthony

    313anthony Club Member

    Need advice. I have been using kalkwasser for about a month. It has raised my ph from 7.8 to 8.2 but now my alk or dkh is 12 Red Sea recommends from 7 to 12 dkh. Is this too high and will it hurt anything. Here are my parameters mag 1300/ alk 12 dkh/ calcium450/ salinity34/1.025. Thanks.
  2. robsk

    robsk Club Member

    Yep...that's a common correlation. I wouldn't chase after ph too much. I do think you are on the edge with alk, but still can work. The trick is stability. Find the sweet spot and stick with it over the long haul. If you can hold 8.2 and 12 go for it. Of course, this all comes from a guy that doesn't test much...but I do pretty good with the coral. For me, its consistent dosing and stability. Good luck!
  3. 313anthony

    313anthony Club Member

    Thanks. I apreciate the input. Im still relatively new to reefing and am unsure about a lot. I just bought a monti and placed it on top of the reef It is bleaching out pretty bad. Thought it might be the alk being too high. What are your thoughts?
  4. robsk

    robsk Club Member

    Two components I would consider...lighting and water chemistry.
    What kind of lights? This could be just a placement problem. OR
    Did you have the monti in there as the alk numbers were increasing? Again, SPS thrive with stability.
    Personally, I would bring the alk back to 8-10 and not worry about PH too much. Make sure the system is getting some fresh air (natural way to increase ph). You may already have this, but I'm also a big fan of refugiums...I don't know all the science, but I think that algae does wonders for stability too.
  5. 313anthony

    313anthony Club Member

    Its a 6 foot tank 180 gallons with three Kessil a 360we lights running four hours peaked at 80% ramping up in the morning and down at night. I tried leaving the ph at 7.8 for a long time but only the leathers and mushrooms would grow. The Monti was placed in after the kalk wasser was introduced and the ph increase. Ive only had him for about two weeks but he looks about a third bleached out. Beautyful with bright green polyps. Never had sps before. I wonder if the salt Im using is too strong since I dont have many corals using up the alk and calcium. Im using Red Sea Pro.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2017
  6. Jilnifer

    Jilnifer President Staff Member

    I'm in total agreement with Rob. Get your alkalinity down and don't worry so much about the pH. Your corals will tell you where they are happiest. Make changes to any and all parameters slowly and learn to hold them there before you start adding any new livestock. Sometimes we can get the parameter to the target zone but keeping it there is the harder part.

    I would move the Monti down lower in the tank just in case it's the lighting but more than likely the swing in alkalinity is the problem.

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