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Durs 3 year old 65 Gal

Discussion in 'Medium Box of water' started by Durward, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. Durward

    Durward Club Member

    So, I had a minor crash in my tank while on my last trip to Japan. The skimmer quit working while my devoted wife continued the feeding regime I had set up for her! Water quality was off the charts when I got home and I had lost an Urchin, Mandrin, all of the Button Polyps, a Feather Duster, and the list goes on! It's easier to say what survived, a Duncan Coral, an Ancan Coral, and my hardier fish, Clowns, Tangs, Angel and Wrasse. My reason for posting is if anyone has some coral frags they are wishing to sell, let me know. I would much rather buy from club members. I am mainly interested in LPS and soft corals. Nothing too big, and I only want to add a few at a time so I don't upset the balance I've finally achieved. looking forward to seeing everyone in July!
  2. Durward

    Durward Club Member

    A dime, an elementary school Fun Fair Ticket, and three ping pong balls, that's all it took to start me on a fifty four year love affair with fish and aquariums that culminated with the building of a respectable though not spectacular Reef Aquarium and becoming friends with some great if not spectacular people, willing to lend a hand immediately when a fellow enthusiast needs it. Thanks Guys! For those of you reading this that don't know, my 65 Gallon Box of Water developed a significant leak, late Sunday night. While the tank leaked relentlessly, my wife mopped tirelessly, while I was frantically disassembling the tank trying to stop the leak. It quickly became apparent that in our three way battle, Tank was going to win, so Wife and I went into rescue mode! She moved furniture and rugs to "higher" ground while I syphoned some water into a couple of handy Styrofoam shipping boxes and rescued the tanks inhabitants and live rock. With my charges temporarily safe, the cleanup began...six hours later we had done what we could do, dismantled the aquarium and dragged it to the garage where it could harmlessly drip its final drops, mop everything up, and for me, jump in the shower just in time to get dressed and head off to work at 4:30am! Marilyn (my wife) was able to grab a quick 3 hour nap before heading off to her job. My text for "help" to a fellow club member to get my fish rehomed was quickly answered and by lunch three club members were standing by to come pick up the fish and give them new homes. Once again, thanks guys!

    Now 45 gallons of water on the floor doesn't sound like much and there wasn't much visible damage so we were really surprised when our insurance adjuster and Paul Davis Restorations both said the hardwood throughout the house would have to be replaced, our radiant floor heat will have to be fixed or probably replaced, our kitchen cabinets (floor) and bathroom vanity have to be pulled out because they are sitting on the hardwood and the back splashes have to be replaced. In addition, since one wall has water stains on it and because we used Bullnose (rounded) corners when we built the house, every wall except the bedrooms has to be repainted! The obvious conclusion to this situation is that I am currently a fishless Hobbyist and Reef Club Member!

    Please don't think I am trying to discourage or dissuade anyone from this fantastic hobby. The same damage would have come from a burst water line, overflowing toilet, or leaking roof without the benefit of caring for some of the most beautiful and fascinating creatures on earth and associating with some of the friendliest and interesting people on earth. I do encourage everyone to check your homeowners insurance and make sure you are covered if this happens to you. We were covered so no worries!

    One more thing. With the Dime I bought a Fun Fair Ticket when I was a 5 year old kindergartener. I exchanged the Ticket for three Ping Pong Balls and a chance to pitch them into a goldfish bowl. One Ping Pong Ball went in a bowl and I went home with the most beautiful (to a five year old) goldfish swimming around in a four inch bowl. The rest is history. It's been a great ride!
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  3. Jilnifer

    Jilnifer President Staff Member

    I hate that you're going through all of this. My heart was broken to see your beautiful floors drowned and warping. The great thing about this hobby is we ate all here to see each other succeed. As club president, I extend an invitation to everyone to reach out to the club. We are here to help each other. Please "holler!" We will come.

    As for your family, Dur, the blue hippo and two clown fish are at my house and doing great. The blue hippo found a "mini me" to play with and has not stopped following the small version around. It's quite funny.

    The brittle star is also rehomed at my house. It has been called an octopus, a spider, and "just plain creepy" by some of my family members. The coral banded shrimp is also out and about as friendly as ever.

    So your family is doing well. Come visit them whenever you want! :)

    Please let us know what we can do to help with the remodel. As you know, we would be more than glad to help. And I look forward to hearing more about this ride!
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  4. Durward

    Durward Club Member

    So, if anyone can't figure this out on their own (I sure didn't), an aquarium sitting on a floating hardwood floor, covering electric radiant floor heat in a house with a slab foundation is a recipe for disaster and almost life altering chaos! The final tally is just under $30,000.00 in damage to the house. Once the repairs start we will have to move out until they are complete which will take 2-3 weeks, all for 45ish gallons of saltwater on the floor! Of course there is a silver lining, we are getting the house virtually completely remodeled for the cost of our insurance deductible and insurance is going to pay to put us up while we are having repairs done (I'm thinking the Christmas Inn in Pigeon Forge during peak leaf season!) but i'd forgo that to have my tank back! Now I just go look forlornly in a 32 gallon trash can in my garage filled with live rock and say hi to my two hermit crabs!

    On another subject, the Frag Swap and Show is quickly approaching and all Club Members in good standing get in free! I volunteered to help coordinate sending out reminders to club when their memberships were getting close to expiring, however, with events as they were in July, I wasn't as fast as I would have liked. I have sent out a lot of "conversation reminders" in the past few days of Dues due and will continue as time allows. If you are not sure when your dues are due you can PM me or Bill W. or just send 15-25 dollars in and we'll extend your membership. I've also made sure I wouldn't have to work that day and hope to have a table set up so we can re-up your membership and recruit new members that day.

    I am donating a new, in the box, never used Aqua Chef automatic feeder to the club to be used as a fund raiser. Jill has promised a fun exciting way to use it to add to the clubs coffers, right Jill? Jill, Jill, are you out there? The donation is really a little selfish of me, I want to assure myself that when I am finally able to wheedle, beg and plead with my wife enough that she lets me have a new aquarium that all of us cool fish people will have a strong viable club. My guess is it is going to take two years and a 31 foot travel trailer before my wife lets me have anything larger than a glass of water in the house! (she doesn't know bout the hermit crabs! giggle giggle wink wink)
  5. Rmcaum

    Rmcaum Director Staff Member

    Durs, your story is horrific. But living animals and and good insurance helps the medicine go down. While your remodeling you should just put one in the wall...

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  6. Durward

    Durward Club Member

    Good Morning! For a moment I want to be serious. When I post on this form it is to share my experiences and is always meant to be tongue in cheek humorous. If that doesn't come through, call me out on it! Although there have been trials and tribulations in my life, I have led a great and amazing life. I know just how lucky I am and also know there is someone out there that is having a worse day than I am, always! Today, millions have fled their homes not knowing what they will come back to and thousands upon thousands are sheltering in place praying they will walk out of the shelter the way they walked in. In 1972 my brother and I were in Florida staying with an Aunt and Uncle when Hurricane Alma struck, just another adventure to a 13 year old (me) but looking back I can't imagine the stress they must have felt locking the door on their beautiful water front home and dragging their two rambunctious nephews off to a shelter. I think it scared them so badly, they never rode out another hurricane and always evacuated to southern Georgia when hurricanes approached! Enough of the serious stuff, here's my thought for the day. Learn from my mistakes, I'm from the South, rest assured I'll put them on the Front Porch (figuratively) for everyone to see!

    On another note:

    So, I received a text from Kierstan a little while ago, she is in a restaurant in Nashville that features a 200k salt water tank and shared a pic with me. Since I'm remodeling anyway, I think I'll convert my garage to a huge tank and install a glass wall into the living room for viewing! Wouldn't that make the Wife and Neighbors happy! (tongue definitely in cheek!)
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  7. Rmcaum

    Rmcaum Director Staff Member

    I stood in downtown Miami in 2004 watching the power lines get blown so hard that they touched each other and spark. Oooh how pretty. We left that evening for Tampa to get a flight out. MIA was closed. I went back to Punta Gorda the following week to see a gas station made of cinder block completely leveled by the wind/canopy. I didn't realize how serious it was back then. With the 24 hour news cycle now screaming apocalypse for a week ahead of time, I hope every one that was able made good choices.
    I'm sure your wife would give up 12" of counter space to turn the backsplash into a runner tank...

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  8. bkpky

    bkpky Club Member

    Wow, just reading your story and having a moment of PTSD. I remember when my 90 gallon cracked and I came home to a similar disaster. With automation I knew there was a problem, just nothing you can do when one pops a leak except pick up the pieces. Even with insurance it was a horrific few months. Needless to say, a few years later in the new home sits a 250 gallon tank - nothing but water in it right now, but soon...
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  9. Durward

    Durward Club Member

    So yesterday (Sept 16) was my wedding anniversary, forty (40), yes forty, its not a typo, of marital bliss! In case any of you newbie's want to know what that gets you, my day started at 3:45 am getting ready for another 12 hour day in the auto factory, my seventh in a row while my wife finished her day having put in her 35th hour at an 18 hour per week job! We finished the day discussing what to do for dinner, she suggested McDonalds it's closest to our house, I voted Frisch's because its upscale (ever the romantic I am) and we settled in between with Culvers. Do we know how to have fun or what?! Lest I scare anyone away from the Honorable state of Matrimony, I do have a romantic getaway planned for the first week of October that will encompass Anniversary and Birthday celebrations and include a couple of days in a Tennessee mountain cabin with children and grandchildren in attendance followed by two more romantic nights at the Inn at Christmas Place with Roses and Chocolates in the room at check in, plus dinner and a show each night we are there. After that we'll spend a couple more days and nights wandering through the Smokies, maybe hit Cherokee and Ashville and see our summer place (most of you know it as the Biltmore) before heading back to Central Kentucky and real life.

    So by now, you are probably wondering what this has to do with my Medium Box of Water. Well during our planning of romantic dinner plans (McDonalds vs Frisch's) I asked her if she would like to attend our Club meeting. Even after 40 years I feel guilty doing something I enjoy that she doesn't and she politely declined as I thought she would. She then asked "why are you staying in the club if you have no fish?" I replied I got to hang with intelligent people with similar interests and I could get my "fish fix"! She then asked "do you really miss them that much?" My reply was (verbatim):

    I miss them every day. There is a hole in my heart and an ache in my soul that time will not erase. From fishbowl up, fish have been a constant in my life from the age of five. They have been with me longer than any other thing in my life (literally) and it was this hobby that was the thread that kept me connected to some of the best memories in my life.

    At that moment, I could have asked for and received permission to start any build I had ever dreamed of. Instead, I assured her I was fine and it wouldn't be fair to start anything this close to retirement when we hoped to do some extensive traveling, but when she got tired of the road or one of the grand kids showed an ounce of interest in any kind of wet pet, a new build would be started so fast their heads would spin!
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  10. Durward

    Durward Club Member

    One more thing, I have five packs of frozen fish and or coral food, the kind in individual serving cubes. I will bring them to the club meeting. One each can go to the three that helped me out so much in July, we'll call it "support" the other two we can use for door prizes or whatever. I'll also bring the auto feeder I am donating for a fun and exciting fund raiser at the frag swap!
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  11. Rmcaum

    Rmcaum Director Staff Member

    40 years is something to be quite proud of and deserves a celebration. If Culver's has to do, Culver's will do. Glad that you shared your sentimental attachment to your pets. If some that read that don't feel that way now, they will in 40 years looking back.

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  12. Rmcaum

    Rmcaum Director Staff Member

    Oh, yeah, if you miss them that badly, you can come clean my tanks any day you want...

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  13. kerstin

    kerstin Secretary Staff Member

    Durward - we did not read the post about using some for the swap, but we will definitely enjoy feeding the fish your lovely food. Thanks! also on behalf of Jill and Earl!
  14. Durward

    Durward Club Member

    Sometimes I write for therapy, it's much cheaper and I can look back and see just how crazy I was at a certain point in my life! Sunday I was grieving the loss of my aquariums without knowing it until I wrote it down. It was a break through moment actually, my wife understands a little better as do I.

    Rmcaum, I miss the ten acres that I use to live on too. My daughter and son in law who live just a couple of blocks away repeatedly invite me to come mow their lawn so the memories won't depress me to much...uh, thanks for the offer but no thanks!

    See you all at the frag swap!
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  15. Jilnifer

    Jilnifer President Staff Member

    I am still here! Thanks for the auto feeder donation as well as the food. I'm looking forward to the swap. We are up to 9 vendors last count!

    Congratulations on 40 years! That shows hard work, patience and a whole lot of understanding from the both of you! !!

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