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Durs 3 year old 65 Gal

Discussion in 'Medium Box of water' started by Durward, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. Jilnifer

    Jilnifer President Staff Member

    Get that tank in the house quick!
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  2. Durward

    Durward Club Member Staff Member

    I think I'll try doing a leak check during Christmas shutdown!

    Had communication from Into the blue owner, they get Their store space the first of the year, still planing to open end of February time frame.
  3. Durward

    Durward Club Member Staff Member

    So, a leak check proved indeed that my 65 gallon tank is a leaker. I think I found a small crack in the bottom. The overflow area is water tight, and the tank remained water tight until water level got up to the first set of drain slots in the double wall of the overflow then started leaking just as it did in the summer. Long story short, even if I wanted to try fixing this tank I would only trust it in a basement where another leak would do no damage. I don't think I could survive another major leak in the house and certainly can't afford one! Which brings me to my next area of discussion.

    Looks like I am in position to down size to a smaller tank that I could set up in my office. Fortunately, one of the owners of "Into the Blue Aquatics" is well known and respected to/by my wife and he has been championing for me with her to set up a new aquarium. You know, once an addict, always an addict!

    My thought for re-entry is a 32 gal Bio-Cube nano tank. I like the idea of an all inclusive easily set up tank but don't know if the LED hood packs enough punch to keep the animals I want. Basically I would like a Bubble Tip Anemone, a couple of clowns, a pistol shrimp and shrimp goby, three fire fish, a clam, a Duncan coral, some star polyps, and some mushrooms. Eventually, when the tank is running well, stable, and has a good population of copods I want to get a pair of Mandrins and/or a scotter blenny. There is a lighting upgrade available through Marine Depot, however, the hood is removed and is not a look I love and fire fish are jumpers. Thoughts/suggestions?

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