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Freshwater is how I first got my feet wet.

Discussion in 'Non-salty corner' started by parisreefer, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. parisreefer

    parisreefer Club Member



    A community of over a bakers dozen variety of fishes. 75 gallon, combination of river rock/pea gravel substrate for better bacteria bed. Decor. Hard- combination limestone, granite, volcanic, soft- Driftwood as a buffer. Spot plant with artificial plants. (Most fish are vegetarian)
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  2. kerstin

    kerstin Secretary Staff Member

    I like it. I started with freshwater as well...guppy experiment in 7th grade science project and it went from there...then converted my 29-tall from fresh to salt while my husband was on a big hiking trip. Looks like you had a nice tank! Look forward to meeting you (maybe on Monday at the meeting?)
  3. Stewart152

    Stewart152 Club Member

    I tried fresh water as well. Many many years ago. 55 gallon planted community tank. When I decided to go salt I ended up making my 55 into my first sump for a 125 reef tank. Your freshwater looks good. I wanted to eventually turn my 125 into a planted freshwater again, when I got my 180 reef set up. During moving of the 125 I accidentally cracked the back panel of the the tank and had to scrap that idea. But I kept the cracked tank, in hopes of a future project o have been planning.
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