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Hello All, Most of you probably don't know me.

Discussion in 'New to the site? Please introduce yourself.' started by Durward, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. Durward

    Durward Club Member

    I've been a BBR club member since December, 2015. If you haven't met me, its because you weren't at the meetings! Yes, I'm an addict and have had tropical fish in one form or another for 53 years! My most recent saltwater experience has been chronicled in Medium Box of Water with Kierstan, Jill, and Earl bearing witness to my escapades!

    At a recent club meeting, I "volunteered" to coordinate the sending out of Club Dues Membership notices. I began my new job as soon as my arm recovered from the twisting it got and have sent out some group "conversations" about Dues being due. If you received one of these conversations, I've done my job, maybe not well or correctly, but I've made the effort!

    My three guiding principals while performing my new role are:

    1. I am a volunteer, you can't fire me!
    2. My Dues are paid up, you can't kick me out!
    3. It is easier to ask Forgiveness than Permission!

    As I transition in to my new role please remember I am going through withdraws after a disastrous July and I am doing my best. I do have two hermit crabs and an emerald crab stashed away in the garage for emergencies (shhh, don't tell my wife!)

    Cant wait to meet you all in October!
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