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How do you test/dose your tanks?

Discussion in 'Dosing' started by chuck, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. chuck

    chuck Registered Guest

    How do guys dose your tanks ?? What and how much. ? Everyday? I Am exploring

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  2. Jilnifer

    Jilnifer President Staff Member

  3. parisreefer

    parisreefer Club Member

    If your talking about regular maintenance.
    Weekly i test my water. Salinity, ph, alk, calcium, (when i do changes or my tank is newer is test amonia nitrate, nitrite,, i still do monthly)
    I add lime water to my tank as top off and drip in. I supplement As needed and buffer if ph needs adjusted.
  4. parisreefer

    parisreefer Club Member

    I use mrs wages pickling lime for my drip. This is my primary alk and calc additive.
  5. parisreefer

    parisreefer Club Member

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