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JBJ 45 is up and running

Discussion in 'Starting up a new tank?' started by Lordofthereef, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. GXPKY

    GXPKY SPS addict

    I'd disassemble the wet side and give it a good cleaning for starters.
    Is it flashing a color code?

  2. Lordofthereef

    Lordofthereef Club Member

    I figured out the problem. It wouldn't flash anything at first, just a soft glow. After several days it started throwing jam error / over heat error. I looked at the wet side several times but saw nothing. I kept hearing a rubbing noise and thought it was that ceramic washer. I then thought what the heck and took apart the dry side. Turns out the magnet was rubbing the case where it rests on the tank. It's running like a champ now! I also bought the quite drive since mine was still the old blue case. I've got some baby trocus snails running around the tank now. Here's a shot of the tank.
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  3. Lordofthereef

    Lordofthereef Club Member


    Everything's still going good. Tanks running on auto pilot. 3 things happened since the last update. 1) My heater died (thanks apex!) 2) I bought a torch coral with 4 heads but 2 of them just died off. It was almost like the torch was attacking itself. I cut the dying heads off and now the other two are taking off. 3) I got some Xenia from parisreefer. This is the first time I've ever had Xenia pulse on me. Kinda cool to watch!
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