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Orphek Lights.....Anyone?? AWESOME

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Reef Medic 68W, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Reef Medic 68W

    Reef Medic 68W Club Member

    Has anyone seen these Orphek V4 lights in person? They look AWESOME. I also think they are above and beyond Radion. I think the LED spread does a much better job than a "cluster" or "puck" especially after having the Ocean Revive T247's over my 180 gallon.


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  2. billw

    billw Treasurer Staff Member

    At $1200/ft. They better be better than Radions!
  3. josh

    josh Club Member

    Orpheks have always had a good reputation, they just don't have as much advertising and fan-base. To me they're basically something you buy if you're doing a very high-end system and dead set on going LED (for whatever reason), you will never see a return from power savings or anything like that so it's a very niche crowd of people who would buy them.
  4. billw

    billw Treasurer Staff Member

    It depends on their real lifetime. In addition to power, bulb replacement can get expensive and any extra heat can eat into the A.C. bill.
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  5. josh

    josh Club Member

    I suppose.

    I mean for my tank (48x24) I'd need 2-3, 3 being optimal, at $1200 a pop I can't see the justification other than because you like them and want to use them; which is fine, I bet they're fantastic lights. If I had money to burn and wanted to try LEDs again, I'd totally give them a shot, I've said that before in the past on here I believe.
  6. GXPKY

    GXPKY SPS addict

    I have 3 of the fixtures sitting here and haven't even tried them yet lol[​IMG]

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