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Reefkeeper Elite

Discussion in 'DA ReefKeeper' started by VetVic, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. VetVic

    VetVic Club Member

    I have my reefkeeper Elite set up and running well even runs my autofeeder!! it is working well


    125 reef
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  2. davemckz

    davemckz Founding Member

    Hey Vic I have a reef keeper plus on 180, getting ready to set up reef keeper elite on 300. I like the Reef Keeper line, they just don't have all the bells & whistles that apex has. but you can get internet modular to alert if problems
  3. VetVic

    VetVic Club Member

    just got a new titanium heater and found out it is too big for the Elite to control without aother module specifically for it (800 watt) have to decide if i want to keep it or get a smaller one....have problems with my salnity probe reading correctly but ph probe s riught on as is temp controller

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