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Ryan's 20g Fusion

Discussion in 'Small box of water' started by ry05coupe, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. ry05coupe

    ry05coupe Registered Guest

    Thanks! I haven't had stability issues at all. The keys have been a good auto top off, light feedings and regular water changes. I have even stopped using a skimmer and the tank is doing better that way.
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  2. ry05coupe

    ry05coupe Registered Guest


    The tank is still doing well. I have backed off water changes from 5g weekly to 5g every other week. The skimmer is still offline.

    I have a population of inverts like noting I have ever seen in previous tanks, I'm crediting that to the lack of skimmer and the fact that I don't have a predator like a wrasse in my livestock. There are all kinds of pods out 24/7 and HH snails like you wouldn't believe. Even my single nassarius has somehow reproduced, and I have had 6-8 baby nassarius for a couple of months that are doing great.
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  3. GXPKY

    GXPKY SPS addict

    Hey Ryan, looking good, should drop by and visit us in Berea, been forever. I may send some frags with you to make it worthwhile lol.

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