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Welcome our newest Site Sponsor!!!

Discussion in 'Reef Radiance' started by Seaclear, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Seaclear

    Seaclear Director Staff Member

    Reef Radiance just stepped up and donated a Senye Reef monitor for our. These things are very cool and if you don't know what it is check it out here on there site.


    The coolest thing about this is we are going to let bigbluereef members use it. We will set it up so members can sign it out for a week at a time and try it out and once you get hooked on it you can purchase it one for your self through Reef Radiance.

    Thanks for your support Reef Radiance!!
  2. tlewy

    tlewy Club Member

    Very cool!
  3. homerclease

    homerclease Director

    Welcome. Cool device
  4. billw

    billw Treasurer Staff Member

    Sweet! Great work, David! And welcome Reef Radiance!
  5. kplatt

    kplatt Registered Guest

    Excellent! Welcome!
  6. redtop03

    redtop03 Registered Guest

    welcome aboard Rick and Reef Radiance

    guys, Rick is the nicest person you'll ever deal with and customer service is best on the web :)

    I have a Seneye myself and love it, Rick's got some really nice LED lights too...

    check out his web store at http://www.reefradiance.com
  7. JavaReef

    JavaReef Founding Member

    Welcome. Thanks for being a sponsor.
  8. den75

    den75 Director Staff Member

    Welcome and thank you for the donation. Very cool device!
  9. tlewy

    tlewy Club Member

    What is the status of this bad boy? I would like to check out my leds to see how they are performing
  10. dalreef

    dalreef Registered Guest

    Very cool, I've been looking at this device for awhile! Thanks for the sponsorship and donation!
  11. den75

    den75 Director Staff Member

    Very Nice, thank you for the device!

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